The design of your new product can be both overwhelming and costly if the project is:

  • Not managed properly
  • Undertaken by people who do not have actually the time to do it, and by people who do not have the technical skills to see it through

We can help you get from your idea to your very own prototype in 3 easy steps:


1) Feasibility Study: this will allow you to see if your idea makes both technical and economic sense. Why go all in, if your ROI will never be positive?

2) Designing the Product: using predictive engineering, which includes finite elements methods, advanced materials selection, composites properties, CAD drawing and 3D modelling, we will design the best possible composite product that mirrors your idea. To reduce the development cost, a new approach for calculating and testing composite materials is used. This new method was developed by Dr Tsai (yes, the famous Stanford University Dr Tsai!) – and we, at Mat-Comp, are trained in its practical application.

If you need the manufacturing process and QA/QC programs as well, we can deliver those too… Simply take all this back to your site and start manufacturing. Need help to implement? We are there to support you. See here for more details.

3) Building the Prototype: if you want to see what your idea looks like before you start to replicate it many times over, we can build a prototype. For very large products, we can scale it down and build a “reasonable” version, one you can easily show your loan officier, your superiors, your board of directors, and your employees of course!

Metal to Composites… Why are so many people converting?

Composites have incredible mechanical properties that were not known as little as 20 years ago.

Not only is this material significantly lighter (approximately 4 times than steel), but it is also very durable, has good structural strenght, is corrosion resistant, great for making large shaped shell structures, has low tooling and prototype fabrication costs.

Contact us today to see if your metal product/mold is a good candidate for conversion.

See Designs and Prototypes we have done for other clients.

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