New R&D Projects…

With the help of the CTT Group of St-Hyacynthe, Mat-Comp was awarded a grant for a research & development project regarding to the properties of advanced 3D composites using new generations of matrixes. The subvention is part of the “Engage Grants” program offers by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC – CRSNG).

The proposed project is a real opportunity for Mat-Comp who wishes see materializes. Indeed, the data from this project will enable Mat-Comp to stand out by enriching the knowledge base which is needed for the performances optimization of advanced composites.

This is part of a strategic process initiated by Mat-Comp to better understand the behavior of new composite structures like the 3D preforms & multiaxial reinforcement textiles for predictive engineering and finite element analysis (FEA/FEM). Accordingly, Mat-Comp is also part of another R&D project with the Composites Development Centre of Quebec (CDCQ) and other partners to develop calculation methodologies regarding these 3D structures.